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Drive word of mouth and get client referrals: Notion template

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Take charge of your referrals with the Rev Your Referrals System!

You know you could get more referrals but you're not sure how. Referrals can feel uneven, unpredictable or even unwanted.

The Rev Your Referrals System is not a course. It's a Notion template you can use right away to drive more and drive better referrals.

Wouldn't 1 more referral make this purchase worth it? Take the system for a spin!

What's inside

  • 15+ Templates for emails to run your referral program (including outreach, stay in touch, success stories, thank you and referral reply)
  • 15 Recipes for growing your potential referral sources (included as step by step cards with swipe copy)
  • Tracker for your referral sources and lead sources
  • Referral program page that shares everything referral sources need to know about sending you right fit leads (goes right into tracker and can link up to your websie!)
  • Automation templates (using Zapier) to make your system more hands off
  • Calendar for staying in touch with referral sources (email templates included)
  • Quick tips throughout on incentives, reviews, referral paths and more!

How to buy

Notion is a free productivity system. If you haven't used it before, you can set up a free account here. Once you purchase the system, you'll get access to my template to add to your account.

Just the system
You'll get access to the Notion template with the full Rev Your Referrals System in it. Email support is included only for technical issues accessing the template.

Get Lex's help
Want a little more guidance as you customize the system? Purchase this package and you and I will collaborate on it together via email. You get unlimited* email collaboration for 2 months from purchase. As you use the system, you can share customizations you've made, blockers you're hitting or questions you have.

*Unlimited is within reason. Within reason is once or twice a week. Beyond reason is every day for two months.

About the creator

Lex Roman empowers creatives to find their clients by making marketing bets they can win. She's the creator of Low Energy Leads and Growthtrackers.

A former Silicon Valley growth designer turned small biz growth marketer, Lex has been crafting winning conversion strategies for companies like Nissan, Macys, Prosper Gusto and The Black Tux since 2010. Now, she’s on a mission to help indie businesses get seen and get sales without being beholden to big tech. Lex supports small business owners with her signature marketing experimentation program Growthtrackers, with her free podcast and newsletter and with easy to use templates and tools. Learn more at

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Drive word of mouth and get client referrals: Notion template

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