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Book more clients with The Stay Booked Roadmap

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Find and book clients predictably with this step by step guide.


Does any of this sound like you?

  • "I have no idea WHERE to find my next client."
  • “I’m posting to social every day and NO ONE IS BUYING.”
  • “I tried ads but I feel like I'm THROWING MY MONEY AWAY.”
  • “I'm EXHAUSED and OVERWORKED and I'm still not making the money I want"

You are probably wasting too much time on long plays when you could be running faster wins. I'll show you how to turn that around.

A set of proven ready-to-use methods that I've used with over 40+ small business owners to get them leads and sales.

Over 100 companies have used The Stay Booked Roadmap! Here's what they're saying about it:

What are you waiting for? Your clients are out there right now looking for you. I'll show you how to reach them this month.

The Stay Booked Roadmap will guide you towards the levers you need in place to book clients over and over again. No gimmicks. No trends. No cold pitches. No algorithms. Check out the sample pages to learn more about what's included.

What's inside

  • The Stay Booked Roadmap is a 50 page guide and workbook
  • 7 proven strategies to get you up to speed on the faster win strategies
  • 7 sets of action plans you can use right away to find and book clients

About the creator

Lex Roman empowers creatives to find their clients by making marketing bets they can win. She's the creator of Low Energy Leads and Growthtrackers.

A former Silicon Valley growth designer turned small biz growth marketer, Lex has been crafting winning conversion strategies for companies like Nissan, Macys, Prosper Gusto and The Black Tux since 2010. Now, she’s on a mission to help indie businesses get seen and get sales without being beholden to big tech. Lex supports small business owners with her signature marketing experimentation program Growthtrackers, with her free podcast and newsletter and with easy to use templates and tools. Learn more at

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Book more clients with The Stay Booked Roadmap

4 ratings
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